Hai alls.. salam 1 Malaysia..

Semalam bukak FB tertengok tentang perbezaan antara perempuan & wanita..Macam menarik je, sebab tu syer kat sini untuk bacaan sama-sama.. 

»A Girl searches for a rich man.
»A Woman searches for a caring and loving man.

»A Girls envies those who move ahead and hate the players.
»A Woman shares their knowledge and help others move ahead by not hating the players but teaching them the rules to the game.

»A Girl measures her man's worth by the weight of his pocket.
»A Woman measures her man's worth by his level of Wisdom and the fear of God, and how disciplined he can be towards his finances.

»A Girl breaks up with silly excuses.
»A Woman has endurance, knowing that everything happens for a reason.

»A Girl thinks about present.
»A Woman thinks about the future of you and herself.

»A Girl loves to have many guys going after her.
»A Woman knows the law of demand (Cheap things have high purchasers).

»A Girl takes relationship affairs outside.
»A Woman solves the problems within herself and her partner.

»A Girl demands for money to buy make-Ups.
» A Woman demand for money to fulfill her plans.

»A Girl gets hurt by one man and makes all other men pay for it.
»A Woman knows that, that was just ONE man.

»A girl is "learning"...A woman"knows."



  1. »A Girl thinks about present.
    »A Woman thinks about the future of you and herself. Women ^^

  2. Nampaknya kamek belum layak jadi women

  3. Nice one...
    Moga kita menjadi wanita sejati..:)

  4. love women a.k.a future wife. hehe

  5. @Isabel Diaz xhal..dudi2 lak jadi women bh..hekhek..

  6. Namanya pun gegirl...tak matured lagi kot! hehe


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